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Publisher: Simon and Schuster

This fun book by a real-life news journalist is a great guide to what news actually is and how it works. There’s a fascinating and easy to digest history of news, all the way back from the first tablet made of stone, and we are introduced to some wonderful journalists, including pioneer Ida B Wells, a black American journalist who died in 1931.

The timely focus on telling fake news from real news is particularly nicely done, and helps us understand that politicians and others have been spreading fake news for hundreds of years for their own gain. It’s an active book to read, with examples of news stories, and then clues on how to tell if a story is fake or real, which should really make children think. It’s all very easy to digest and understand, and a stimulating read.

This book is great for children at the end of primary school who take an interest in how the world works, especially any child who is remotely interested in politics or journalism.

It would also be a great reference book to have in the classroom as a potted guide to journalism and journalistic writing, as it goes into some quite technical detail such as explaining the ‘inverted pyramid’, where the most important information is at the top of an article. The book contains a load of industry secrets, including who does what in professional journalism – so really a perfect book for a budding news hound!

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