Black Powder

Publisher: Chicken House

The year is 1605 and if you are a Catholic in England it is a very dangerous time to be alive, so Tom and his family try their best to avoid being noticed. When his father helps a Catholic priest to escape the authorities their lives are turned upside down. Suddenly Tom finds himself on an adventure that takes him through the mansions of rich relatives to the dark back streets of London. He must do all he can to save his father from the gallows - even if it means allying himself with the mysterious Falcon and his gunpowder plot.

This historical tale is steeped in intrigue, mystery and danger. Tom is driven by guilt, faith and determination, making him an interesting and believable protagonist.  Sherrick refuses to let her characters be purely good or evil, instead she lets the complexity of the time explain why good people might be forced to consider violent acts.

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