Gatty's Tale

Publisher: Hachette

Readers of Kevin Crossley-Holland’s acclaimed Arthur trilogy may recognise the eponymous heroine of this book.

Field-girl Gatty is called upon to accompany the serene Lady Gwyneth de Ewloe and a band of others on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

Over the course of their long journey, the pilgrims visit exotic countries, experiencing joy and wonder, as well as facing danger and a tragic death. Along the way Gatty is taught to read and write, hones her exquisite singing voice and grows from a girl into a woman.

Gatty is a vital and engaging heroine, whose lively curiosity and enduring love for her absent friend Arthur will endear her to readers.

This exciting story is peppered with memorable characters and the parallels between the religious climate at the time of the Crusades and today are particularly relevant.

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