Black in Time

Publisher: Puffin

This fabulous non-fiction book showcases the achievements of an array of remarkable Black Britons, from the Roman Empire to the twentieth century. While some names may be familiar, many are not, demonstrating that people of colour are woefully under-represented in the history books. This volume seeks to redress the balance, and readers will learn about extraordinary figures, including John Blanke, a talented musician in the court of King Henry VIII; eighteenth-century poet, Phillis Wheatley; and Pablo Fanque, a Victorian circus owner.

Interspersed between stories about these awesome individuals are interviews with inspirational people from present-day Britain, such as author and former Children’s Laureate, Malorie Blackman and TV presenter Andi Peters. Also included are informative ‘Fact File’ sections, which provide overviews of key aspects of Black British history, such as the slave trade and the Race Relations Act.

The stories are arranged chronologically, helping readers to build up a picture of the changing face of Black Britain, and a comprehensive contents page makes it easy to dip in and out. With a chatty, informal style, illustrations throughout and a varied mix of narrative, interviews and facts, this is an accessible, engaging and ultimately uplifting read.

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