Bedtime Stories: Beautiful Black Tales from the Past

Publisher: Scholastic

This exciting collection features informative, interesting and inspirational stories from the lives of Black figures in history – from Roman times to the present day. Many of the stories might surprise you as they showcase remarkable people whose names have too often been omitted from mainstream history.

Despite often having to struggle against prejudice and racism, characters like footballer and soldier Walter Tull and nurse Mary Seacole fought hard to be the very best and to set an example for others.

Some heroes and trailblazers were more understated but just as determined and achieved respect and success. Like the drivers and passengers in Bristol who arranged protests and boycotts of the buses in order to end a ‘whites only’ rule.

Each story is just the right length to be read at bedtime and all are written and illustrated by Black creators from around the world. With their unfussy text, they are also ideal for young, independent readers who are sure to revisit them time and again.   

Beautifully presented as a hardback giftbook with bright illustrations and decorated pages, this would be a great addition to any home or school library and can be enjoyed by all children, whatever their skin colour.

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