Being You: Poems of Positivity

Publisher: Collins

Here’s a secret I recently found,

That could help keep your feet on the ground.

Life’s about balance,

No matter your talents,

Without it you’ll likely fall down.

Sometimes we all need a bit of a positive boost, and this book of 50 poems packed with positivity and happiness is just the ticket.

Featuring poems about having purpose, keeping perspective, sharing your feelings, being resilient and ambitious, calm and curious (and so much more) this beautifully illustrated colourful book is a real pick-me-up, and a great introduction to poetry for those who don’t read it very much.

Most of the poems have regular rhyme schemes and use simple language, so there’s no worry here about obscure poetry references or tricky layouts. Instead, this is an accessible go-to for motivational quotes and perhaps a daily poem to keep us on an even keel.

Daniel Thompson may be a new name to many, but fans of Joseph Coelho will enjoy his happy rhymes and perceptive thoughts about life.

Mae pawb angen hwb positif o dro i dro, a’r llyfr hwn o 50 o gerddi sy’n llawn dop o bositifrwydd a hapusrwydd ydy’r union beth sydd ei angen.

Mae’r llyfr hwn, â’i ddarluniau hyfryd, lliwgar, yn cynnwys cerddi am fod â phwrpas, cadw persbectif, rhannu’ch teimladau, bod yn gydnerth ac uchelgeisiol, cadw’ch pwyll a’ch cywreinrwydd (a llawer iawn mwy) ac mae’n sicr o godi’ch calon yn ogystal â bod yn gyflwyniad gwych i farddoniaeth ar gyfer y rheini nad ydyn nhw’n darllen llawer ohoni.

Dyma lyfr hawdd i’w ddarllen sy’n wych ar gyfer dod o hyd i ddyfyniadau ysgogol ac efallai cerdd ddyddiol i’n cadw ni’n sad. Hyfryd!

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