Ballet Bunnies: The Lost Slipper

Publisher: Oxford

Millie is excited about her theatre outing, where she and her class will be watching a wonderful performance of the ballet Cinderella.

On her feet, Millie is wearing a special present from Aunty Karen – a pair of new shoes that twinkle and sparkle just like Cinderella’s glass slippers. But when she trips over in the crowded foyer, she is horrified to find one of her gorgeous shoes is missing!

Luckily, Millie has brought along her friends, the ballet bunnies, who help her search for her lost shoe… with a little magical input from an unexpected fairy godmother.

Aspiring ballet dancers and bunny lovers will enjoy Millie’s adventure as she gets to experience for herself some of the bustle and excitement that goes on backstage in preparation for a big performance.

A theatre trip brings its own thrills and anticipation and is the perfect backdrop to the fantasy elements of the story. The ballet bunnies are charming and cheeky with distinctive personalities and there is enough ambiguity to keep youngsters guessing about what is real and what is imaginary.

An illustrated first chapter book for newly independent readers or perfect shared reading for those who are a little less confident.

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