Ballet Bunnies: The Big Audition

Publisher: Oxford

Millie's favourite TV show, Ballet Beat, is coming to town and all the dancers in her class at Miss Luisa's School of Dance will have the chance to audition. But only one can be chosen to appear on the programme.

At first, Millie doesn't want to audition. She doesn't think she's good enough. But with a little encouragement from her friends, the magical ballet bunnies, she comes to realise that what matters is trying her best and showing the selectors how dancing makes her feel, whether she gets chosen for TV or not.

As with other books about Millie's dancing adventures, this endearing story explores ideas of friendship, kindness and developing self-confidence.

Illustrated in full colour on every page, this small-format, first chapter book is perfect for youngsters who love ballet, bunnies or magical storytelling. Ideal for those who are beginning to gain confidence with independent reading or for reading aloud to children aged five and upwards.

The dancers in Millie's ballet school are of a range of ethnicities and include boys as well as girls making it an inclusive, diverse reflection of the real world – something also conveyed in the charming illustrations.

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