Bake Me a Festive Story

Publisher: Hodder Children's Books


The ever-popular Nadiya Hussain is back with her unique combination of storybook and cookbook – but this time, there's a festive twist!

Following on from Bake Me a Story, this collection has the same format: lots of easy-peasy recipes (and a few more challenging ones) for the family to try together, and always paired up with a themed story or poem. It's a lovely idea: while the food is cooking or baking in the oven, you can take a well-earned sit-down and and have a read with your child. It's all perfect for getting them excited about the festive holidays, too.

Although Nadiya is, of course, formerly of Great British Bake Off fame, this cookbook isn't just full of sweet, gooey goodness (although there is definitely enough to satisfy the hungry hordes). There are also some interesting and healthy festive takes, such as turkey and spinach pancakes.

Everything has been thought up and written by Nadiya herself, and quite a lot of her humour and warmth shines through it all. As well as a traditional-feeling poem about a fir tree, for instance, there is a more modern tale about Mrs Christmas driving about in a red Mercedes. And alongside Clair Rossiter’s adorable (and very expressive) illustrations are some sweet, playful photos of Nadiya and her children. 

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