Nikhil and Jay: Off to India

Publisher: Otter-Barry

It’s the Christmas holidays and Nikhil and Jay are excited to be going to India to visit Granny and Grandad in Chennai. 

Having slept through the long flight, they are met with the noise and bustle of Chennai streets and lots of new sights, sounds and delicious smells. But they do miss Max the cat.  

Although they are thrilled to be with Granny and Grandad, and enjoy wonderful food and fun outings,theycan’t help worrying. Will Christmas still be Christmas without the familiar rituals they have back at home? And will Father Christmas be able to find them in time for Christmas morning? 

Nikhil and Jay needn’t have worried because the grown-ups make sure that although the environment is very different, Christmas can still be amazing wherever you are.  

This delightful first chapter book is illustrated in black and white on every page and isa great way for newly independent readers to experience Christmas in India in the company of two young boys.  

Dealing with every aspect of the trip from packing and leaving a pet behind to the contrast of culture, climate and customs, it would also be helpful to prepare children for a similar trip.  

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