Bad Food: Game of Scones

Publisher: Scholastic

Did you know that after dark, school food comes to life? No? Well, here’s what really happens behind closed doors.

At Belching Walrus Elementary, Slice (a piece of pizza), Scoop, a (triple scoop ice cream cone) and Totz (a potato croquette) are chilling in the huge kitchen cooler one night when a bossy group of supplies from the main office turn up and demand to share their space.

Being naturally hospitable, the food guys welcome the newcomers but it soon becomes clear that Baron von Lineal, a ruler who actually rules, has his sights set on total domination of the kitchen.

But Slice, Scoop, Totz and their food buddies aren’t going to give up without a fight.

If this book sounds bonkers, that would be because it is! But with pitched battles between hordes of cleaning supplies, killer library books and the contents of a giant fridge, it’s easy to get swept up in the action. And at least half the pages are devoted to the energetic and inspired illustrations of online sensation Joe Whale aka Doodle Boy.

Written in the style of an epic war movie, expect alliances, sabotage, and even heroic death.

Hugely entertaining and strangely compelling.

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