Are the Dinosaurs Dead, Dad?

Publisher: Picture Corgi

Dave’s dad reckons he knows everything there is to know about dinosaurs, which one has the longest arms, the sharpest teeth or the best armour. As they walk around the museum he points out facts about every exhibit, but all Dave wants to know is are these dinosaurs dead? Dad thinks so, but why then is the Ankylosaurus winking at Dave, the Deinocheirus trying to tickle him and the Diplodocus trying to eat his burger? Will Dave be able to get his dad to listen before they come across the most ferocious dinosaur of them all?

This humorous picture book is ideal for young dinosaur lovers and adventure seekers alike. Russell Ayto’s brightly-coloured and endearing illustrations are the perfect complement to Julie Middleton's fun story. Younger children will love seeing what happens when dad’s back is turned, whilst newly independent readers will enjoy following the swooping text as it curves around the illustrations.

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