Dustbin Dad

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Does your Dad eat a lot? In this story, Dad eats everything - from half-eaten pies and unwanted sandwiches, to soggy old bits of tomato and manky spaghetti. Yet one day he bites off more than he can chew when he wolfs down a delicious tin of fish-flavoured soup, which just so happens to be made with some miraculous ‘Puss-Pep-Up-Powder’ for the perking-up of pasty-faced pussycats…

With their scratchy lines, and host of details, Russell Ayto's drawings are bursting with character, and make aperfect counterpoint to Peter Bently’s rattling rhymes. A witty picture book with some great visual gags, Dustbin Dad has plenty of appeal for younger children - not just to fussy eaters (or greedy dads).

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