Anisha, Accidental Detective: Show Stoppers

Publisher: Usborne

The skills that help Anisha solve the most perplexing mysteries come in very handy when Miss Jove is looking for an assistant director to help with the school musical. But it’s also coming up to Diwali, so life at home is filled with cooking (Granny Jas) and bling (Aunti Bindi), meaning Anisha is busy, busy, busy.

Although rehearsals for the show go well at first, odd things start to happen: scenery is spoiled, costumes go missing, and even Molly the cat is causing trouble. Could the performance be cursed or does someone deliberately want them to fail?

As always, Anisha is on high alert for things that are ‘not quite right’ as she collects clues and lists likely suspects. Before long, her detective brain is on the case and she’ll have the mystery solved in no time… with maybe a few wrong turns along the way.

Just the first page of Anisha’s madcap adventures is enough to lift the spirits, and being thrown into the whirlwind of her multi-generational, British-Indian household is as chaotic and joyful as ever.

Highlighting the benefits of perseverance and teamwork, this is a welcome addition to the very entertaining Accidental Detective series.

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