Anisha Accidental Detective: School's Cancelled!

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Publisher: Usborne

Anisha likes nothing better than a good mystery to solve so when someone sabotages her erupting volcano experiment and floods the school with foam, she expects to find the culprit easily. But Anisha is in big trouble, all the potential suspects have alibis and time is running out to prove her innocence.

And with bonkers Aunty Bindi stressing over Granny Jas’s birthday party and Beena Bhat and the evil twins, Mindy and Manny, being generally weird and mean, Anisha is finding it hard to cope. Luckily Granny Jas has absolute faith in her and, surprisingly, it is the party preparations that give Anisha the tools she needs to unmask the saboteur.

While Anisha and her friends Milo and Govi make cleverness cool, their experiences shine a light on the difficulties that can be experienced when facing a new school, making new friends and adjusting to a new/blended family situation.

Spending time with Anisha’s British Indian family is chaotic, loud, and great fun. Bonkers Aunty Bindi, feisty Granny Jas and the rest of Anisha’s family and friends are brought vividly to life in the funny and expressive black and white illustrations that also drive the time-critical plot.

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