A Double Detectives Medical Mystery: Diagnosis Danger

Publisher: Oxford

Mum has had to cancel the holiday because of her brain-doctoring work at the hospital and the twins respond very predictably: Tulip is disappointed but accepting while Ali is absolutely furious.

But concerns about the holiday soon take a back seat when their friend Momo is viciously attacked by a strangely dressed old lady in a red, curly wig.

Who is this odd attacker? And why did she target Momo? It’s another case for the Double Detectives, Tulip and Ali, who must assess the symptoms of the crime and try to diagnose the motive and the villain behind it – with a little help from their Nan-Nan, who is an undercover super-spy.

An unlikely cast of characters and an absurd storyline make for compelling reading and the banter and slapstick episodes are as entertaining as the plot. But that doesn’t make the villains any less sinister and creepy as the twists and turns unfold.

The medical knowledge the twins have picked up from their mum is integral to solving the case and the story is punctuated with useful nuggets of medical information that are explained more fully in an appendix at the end of the book.

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