A Double Detectives Medical Mystery: The Cure for a Crime

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Twins Ali and Tulip’s mum has been strangely sleepy and unlike herself lately. In fact, ever since her more-than-slightly suspicious new boyfriend moved in, things have just been getting stranger and stranger. With the help of their Nan-Nan (a force of nature with a very unusual career history) and the twins' best friends Zac and Jay, Double Detectives Ali and Tulip must solve the case.

This is a fabulous medical mystery, full of twists, turns, puns and with the added bonus of a medical blog at the end written by Tulip which gives an introduction to what to do if someone collapses, what your poo can say about you and how to scrub up if you’re a doctor.

This fast-paced book and its message to not let anyone stop you from achieving what you want in life is perfect for ambitious children with big dreams, though a less confident child might find themselves picking up some of Ali and Tulip's self-belief and determination by the end. An inspiring and funny read for any budding medics, The Cure for A Crime is well-suited to fans of Robin Stevens and Sharna L Jackson.

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