Action Dude

(2 reviews with an average rating of 3 out of 5)

Publisher: Welbeck Flame

Action Dude – aka Charlie Munderdrew – may be a kid, but he loves danger and excitement and to be a hero. Even just popping round to the corner shop requires a daring leap from a jet plane. So when disaster strikes at ‘Prehistoric Land’, the new local theme park, obviously it’s Action Dude that the Mayor calls on for help.

All the animals and cave people on display at Prehistoric Land are actually super-advanced robots, but something is terribly wrong: the robots have gone on a rampage! It’s up to Action Dude to get past sabre-toothed tigers, woolly mammoths and angry robot Neanderthals, and rescue the park’s visitors, who are hiding at the Volcano of Lava. Plus there’s the question of exactly why the robots have gone wrong: what – or who – is behind it?

A comedic plotline and clever references to the action hero genre makes this graphic novel a highly enjoyable, light-hearted read, with themes of friendship, working together and facing fears. There are a good few twists and turns and a great cast of supporting characters, from the indignant police officer to Action Dude’s much smarter friend Ruby and, of course, a dastardly villain to outwit.

Efallai mai crwtyn bach ydy Action Dude – neu Charlie Munderdrew i roi enw arall arno – ond mae’n hoffi perygl a bod yn arwr. Felly pan ddaw trychineb i’r ‘Prehistoric Land’, mae’r Maer yn galw arno am help.

Mae robotiaid hynod ddatblygedig y parc wedi mynd yn wyllt ulw. Mae hi i fyny i Action Dude fynd heibio i deigrod ysgithrog, mamothiaid gwlanog a robotiaid Neanderthalaidd dig, ac achub yr ymwelwyr â’r parc.

Mae plot comedïaidd a chyfeiriadau craff at y genre arwr gweithredu yn gwneud y nofel graffig hon yn un braf iawn i’w darllen, gyda rhannau digri dros ben a thema wynebu ofnau.


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