A Robot Squashed My Teacher

Publisher: Macmillan

Esha Verma is a self-proclaimed genius inventor, who is assisted in her scientific endeavours by her slightly apprehensive apprentice, Broccoli. Esha is absolutely determined to win the Young Inventor of the Year contest with her RoarEasy, a translation device for animals and humans. As she’s making a few adjustments to the machine, she accidentally turns her teacher, Monsieur Crépeau, into a pigeon. Undeterred by this minor setback, Esha discovers that she needs a molecular modulator to transform him back into a human being. Fortuitously, one such machine is currently on loan to the Central Research Laboratory, which happens to be down the road. Esha, Broccoli and their respective pets, Berty the baby T-Rex and Archibald the tortoise, along with Monsieur Crépeau in pigeon form, sneak into the laboratory. However, locating the modulator proves to be more difficult than Esha expected, especially when her nemesis, Ernie Rathbone, orders his robot to capture them.

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