A Dinosaur Ate My Sister

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Publisher: Macmillan

All Esha Verma wants to do is win the word-famous Brain Trophy, but you have to come up with a genius invention, and all she has to help her is a timid apprentice, Broccoli (named for his snot). When she builds a Time Machine, she thinks the Trophy is hers, but then her big sister gets in it and presses the button. Next stop: the Cretaceous period!

This hilarious, wacky story comes with dollops of Dahl-esque humour and language, and an ever-increasing cast of larger-than-life characters who all have a part to play in rescuing Esha’s poor old big sister from the clutches of the dinosaurs. Esha is a brilliant heroine, confident, loud and inventive. Broccoli gets a determined word in edgeways now and then.

This romp through space and time will have readers who love series such as The Thirteen Storey Treehouse and Anisha, Accidental Detective laughing aloud. Every page is decorated with vivid cartoon illustrations and there is a lot for the reader to pay attention to visually in this fast-moving story.

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