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Find out why Karen McCombie is upset about eyebrows, how Ade Adepitan's mum dressed him on his first day at school, and why Ben Lyttleton took a very important wee at the old Wembley.

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Jo Cotterill: I’m going to ask you a really personal question.

Human bodies are EVERYWHERE. All over the planet, down your street, in your house, staring out at you from TV, magazines, posters, government (shudder). We see more human bodies than any other kind of animal. And one thing we should know, from seeing all those bodies, is that humans come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. That’s just how it is.

Five tricksy things about starting secondary school, according to Karen McCombie

My best friend at primary school was Kay. Kay and I were SO tight. We liked the same bands, the same books, the same funny TV shows. We made up our own comedy sketches that we recorded and performed to our class. (Oh, how I'd love to listen back – and cringe – to those now!)

The Two Reasons I Write About War

I like writing about war. That doesn't mean I like war. I hate war. It is the most appalling thing on the planet.

Ade Adepitan, Cyborg Cat and the Night Spider

On my first day of school, my mum dressed in me a pink, chequered suit, with a bow tie and a MASSIVE afro with a side parting she’d combed into my hair. I didn’t realise it back then, but that day was probably the most important day of my life.

Drone's Eye View

When I started Drone Racer I never suspected that it would be one of the most personal books I have written. How could it be? I had never raced a drone before laying the words down; never been chased around the world by baddies and never, ever… oops, spoiler alert! I can’t tell you that bit. What I discovered was that the subject of the book is not really the story at all…

Fantastic Football Fun

Here's an embarrassing story. The first time I interviewed a footballer was in the loos at Wembley stadium. Well, that's not quite true. I actually spoke to the player in the loo – not the cubicle, you understand, just by the sinks where we were washing our hands – and interviewed him a few days later. It was my first big interview, and one of the reasons why you should always wash your hands – you never know who you might meet!

Q&A with Kwame Alexander

Bookbuzz talks to Kwame Alexander, author of The Crossover, about writing verse novels.

Stories are hardly ever about just one thing

Just because a story is about vampires or dragons or wizards or Vikings, doesn't mean it can't also be about friendship or family or love or lies. In fact a good story pretty much has to be about more than one thing. Ghost stories are just the same.


Ideas can come from many different places. sometimes it’s just a situation you see or something you hear someone say, but for the most part I do my thinking up in the hills.

Sam Wu has been a brilliant series for me to work on

I remember receiving the email from the publisher asking me if I'd like to illustrate the first book whilst on holiday in St Ives. I read the summary and knew it would be a great fit for my illustration style and an exciting project to work on.