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Find out why Karen McCombie is upset about eyebrows, how Ade Adepitan's mum dressed him on his first day at school, and why Ben Lyttleton took a very important wee at the old Wembley.

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Real-life Mysteries with Susan Martineu

I'm not sure if I've actually ever seen a ghost or a UFO, and I've never managed to spot a lake monster despite spending many hours by Loch Ness on holiday in Scotland, but I've loved spooky stuff and mysteries ever since I was old enough to read about them.

Something strange at Crater Lake

Crater Lake is the story of a residential school trip that becomes a fight for life against a non-human enemy. It begins with a class of children on a coach to a new activity centre, and soon descends into horror when the coach is stopped by a bloodstained man who warns them not to go to Crater Lake...

Creating a Graphic Novel: How I Make Super Sidekicks

I'm so excited to hear that my graphic novel Super Sidekicks #1: No Adults Allowed has been chosen as a Bookbuzz book this year! If you love graphic novels, superheroes, action, fun and adventure, then this is the series for you! Here's a quick breakdown of my cartooning process.

Have you ever wondered whether adults really have kids’ best interests at heart?

Do you look at the world and think, the grown-ups are messing things up? I wouldn't blame you if you did. Most of us adults try our best, we genuinely do, but I think that sometimes we lose sight of what's most important. Being kind. Caring for others. Trying to make the world a better place, rather than obsessing over power and money and seeking to marginalise those we don't agree with.

I stopped reading!

The response to A Darkness of Dragons has been amazing. It's wonderful that the book has found so many readers, who have loved the world of the Pipers – I can't wait for them to return to that world, when A Vanishing of Griffins comes out in January!

Being Me

When I was a child, I wanted to be my cousin, because she was older, smarter, and always got to be Daphne when we played Scooby Doo (I had to be Velma).

Check Mates with Stewart Foster

When I was at school (yeah, yeah, a long time ago), there was this kid who just couldn’t seem to sit still in any of the lessons. He was forever gazing out of the window, shuffling in his seat, shouting out random things, like ‘Miss, you got your glasses on backwards,’ and ‘Sir, are you wearing a wig?’.