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Swarm Rising with Steve Cole and astronaut Tim Peake

Author Steve Cole wrote Swarm Rising with astronaut Tim Peake about two teens who end up in space - but what's it really like up in the stars?

I Spy with a little AI, by Sophie Cameron

Sophie Cameron, author of Our Sister, Again, explores how our treatment of robots can reflect our own humanity.

Rise of the School for Good and Evil

Soman Chainani talks about his newest adventures in EverNever World and returning to The School for Good and Evil...

Loki author Louie Stowell talks diaries and doodles

Loki: A Bad God's Guide to Being Good author Louie Stowell reveals how her own top secret diaries and doodles inspired the book...

The Awesome Book of Animals: 3 of the awesome-est animals on the planet!

The Awesome Book of Animals author Adam Frost picks out three of his favourite ever animals - who have some pretty special tricks!

How to bake a book, by My Own Lightning author Lauren Wolk

My Own Lightning Lauren Wolk reveals her recipe for a great story...

Jennifer Killick on mixing fear and fun in Dread Wood

Dread Wood author Jennifer Killick reveals how a classic movie inspired her books - and why she loves mixing fear and fun!

Striking Out by Musa Okwonga and Ian Wright

Author Musa Okwonga, who wrote Striking Out with TV presenter and former footballer Ian Wright, talks about why they wanted to write a book to help children through tough times.

Swan Song and how nature can help you out

Author Gill Lewis reveals how nature helped her when she was going through a tough time at school - and how she wrote about this in Swan Song.

Birds and Bullies by M. G. Leonard

Author M. G. Leonard talks about her book Twitch, why she's fascinated by birds, and how to deal with bullies.