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The Sea has Risen!

You might think Across the Risen Sea gives its theme away in the title. The sea has risen! Don't worry, it's a long way in the future and this is a story of survival, not destruction. A risen sea is the landscape but it's not the theme.

Survival in Space

Looking back, this is a book I was always going to write. I was eight years old when Apollo 11 took off for the Moon and like all the other boys at school I found the whole thing unbelievably exciting.

Everything is so Fast and Exciting

I was ten years old when I was lucky enough to be given my first games console. It was a PlayStation One and it was much slower, heavier and larger than today's consoles, but I thought it was AWESOME! I used to play games for a few hours every Saturday morning with my sister.

My Favourite Miracles

In The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates, Freddie and his mates Ben and Charlie set off an adventure across Wales. Fact-loving Freddie doesn't really believe in miracles, but during his journey he and his friends set off a chain of events that make people believe a miracle really has happened.

Never Throw Away Your Ideas

This is a pretty simple piece of advice that has served me well as a writer and artist.

Leap of the Century!

Wow! You just time-travelled back to the Mexico Olympics in 1968. You saw one of the greatest sporting moments in history—Bob Beamon breaking the Olympic long jump record with the amazing leap of 8 metres 90 centimetres! The Welsh long jumper, Lynn 'The Leap' Davies said at the time; 'He has broken the Olympic record by a half-century.' He was more than right; 53 years later, Bob Beamon's Olympic record still stands.

The Tiger Set Me Free

I found Fly's Tiger in a dusty old library in the East End of London. I wasn't supposed to be hunting for tigers at all, and if I had been, it wouldn't have been the first place I looked.

Why do we Read Ghost Stories?

Once, a few years ago, I was staying in a log cabin in the Pacific Northwest of America. It was autumn, and the leaves had long since fallen. A full moon had risen and as is often the case in this part of the country, there were strong winds, and I could see the bare trees being tossed around outside the window.

Dogs Are Never Buried With Their Owners

It is not something that happens in modern times. But, when Glen, the German Shepherd dog, and his handler, Emile, were killed on D-Day, the vicar of the church where they were to be laid to rest made an exception.