Northern Ireland P1

Every P1 student will receive a free copy of I Went to the Supermarket by Paul Howard.

The front cover of I Went to the Supermarket by Paul Howard

We've found that as homework begins, children start to read for themselves, and life becomes more hectic, spending time sharing stories together can become less of a priority.

At BookTrust, we know that reading together has a positive impact on children's imagination, language, and emotional wellbeing. Reading together regularly as a family also creates a fun, safe space for children to express themselves.

BookTrust Northern Ireland's P1 campaign – funded by the Education Authority - aims to encourage children to spend a little time each day with their families reading for fun. Our free packs include a copy of I Went to the Supermarket by author and illustrator Paul Howard.

Paul Howard with four P1 children who have received a free book from BookTrust

This new take on an old favourite, packed with witches, dragons, aliens, flamingos and more, sees a brother and sister competing to see who can think of the most bizarre and brilliant things they picked up at the shop.

Packs began arriving in schools from November 2023. We hope that every new school starter will love this imaginative, laugh-out-loud read that challenges them to test their memory while enjoying the story at school and at home.

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