Illustrations in search of a story

Former Children's Laureate Chris Riddell has a sketchbook full of illustrations, all in search of a story. Can you create a story to give to these drawings?

We have three sets of illustrations for you to download, for ages 5 and up. Each illustration is in need of a story, but they are also great to colour in as well.

We've given you some space next to the illustration to help you get started, but don't feel you have to start there, or stop where the space finishes. You can always continue writing on a new page or cut out the picture and stick it in a notebook. The possibilities are endless - as are the stories!

Download a booklet, pick the illustration that speaks to you, print out that page, and get started. Or, for a real challenge, write a story for each illustration in the booklet for a complete set. 

Take a look at an example of how it works (PDF 678 KB)

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Ages 5+


Bundle of 8 illustrations for ages 5+

Age 8+


Bundle of 8 illustrations for ages 8+

Age 11+


Bundle of 8 illustrations for ages 11+

Make your own book with Chris Riddell

Make your own little book, together with Chris Riddell. He's made the illustrations - can you write the story?

Download the book template and the instructions to create your own book out of one sheet of A4 or A3 paper: written by you, illustrated by Chris Riddell. He's provided the illustrations, now it's up to you to string them together into a story!

Download the book template (PDF 392 KB)

Download the instructions (PDF 492 KB)


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