Children’s Book Club makes way for brand-new BookTrust website

Published on: 13 June 2017

Children’s Book Club makes way for brand-new BookTrust website

Children's Book Club will close this July as we get ready to launch our exciting new website - aimed at time-strapped families on the hunt for reading tips and advice.

Calling all Children's Book Clubbers and reading fans!

Our online book club is closing from 10 July, a couple of weeks before we launch our new website. (Which we're pretty excited about.)

Since 2014, our club has gathered up over 2,000 members - children from schools and families around the UK, all hoping to find their next incredible reading adventure.

Log in before the club closes

Before we direct people to our new website, we want to make sure club members log in to check if there's anything they would like to keep.

Now's the time to print off any wishlists or reading journeys.

Log in before 10 July to download your book club information

Fun and easy-to-use website

We can't wait to show off our new website.

We want it to be fun and easier for families to use, so they can better help children really love reading and gain all the brilliant benefits.

Not only will there be a new and improved bookfinder, but families will be able to print off expert-recommended booklists and much, much more.

Thanks for being reading heroes

To mark the closing of the book club and celebrate our coming website, we've created a new badge for children to collect over the next few weeks: the All-Round Reading Hero badge.

There's one for fiction and one for non-fiction, so take your pick (or go for both)!

Even if you don't belong to the book club, do think about following us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, or sign up to our newsletter, to hear about all the latest news and book happenings.

Watch this space - and happy reading!

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