Goodbye to our Writer in Residence Michelle Robinson and congratulations to her competition winner!

Published on: 27 February 2024

The tenure of our Writer in Residence Michelle Robinson has come to an end and she has picked the winner for her competition! 

Its been a total joy to be BookTrusts Writer in Residence over the past six months. Ive loved sharing ideas and tips on having fun reading together. 

There really are so many ways to make turn reading into a special and memorable treat. I believe that every minute spent reading together is a minute well spent. Its been brilliant to hear from so many teachers, carers and parents who feel the same way.  

There were an amazing number of entries into my competition to win a virtual author visit. Thank you all for taking the time to share your tips on how you make reading together fun. Your ideas were inspiring and hugely varied, picking a winner took a while! 

There were some common themes providing a variety of books, letting children pick subjects that interest them, doing the voices, singing, throwing in surprising and unexpected words, creating a special atmosphere, getting comfortable and cosy and making a special event such as a book breakfast.  

My favourite tip came from Michelle Hames. She said,

Its simple get stuck in and enjoy it too! There's nothing better than really going for it and immersing yourself in story time. Children are very perceptive and can tell if you're having fun too. A love of reading is contagious. 

I couldnt agree more. Im looking forward to my virtual visit with Michelles winning school, Servite R.C Primary School. 

Being Writer in Residence has been an absolute honour and a ton of fun. Thank you so much for your support and engagement, and remember: if youremaking time to read together, youre doing something right. I cant wait to follow Rashmi Sirdeshpandes posts when she takes over as Writer in Residence next month, championing fact books. Enjoy reading together! 

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