BookTrust Christmas appeal: "I love seeing children’s faces when they’re given their books"

Published on: 16 November 2023

Our House community centre is one of BookTrust's partners in LiverpoolWe spoke to Julie Brown, Director of the centre, about why the BookTrust festive book parcels are so important for the children she works with.     

“Hello. My name’s Julie. I’m part of Our House, a community hub in Walton. We support local people in many ways, including through our food pantry.  

Walton is one of the poorest communities in Liverpool. A lot of the people we help come from very deprived households. Even families with both parents working, they’re struggling to make ends meet. The demand for the food pantry has increased significantly. They’ve got very little money to buy anything – let alone Christmas presents.  

Share the magic of books with children who need it most 

Every year we organise a free Santa’s Grotto. We want everyone to feel included and to give children and families an experience they wouldn’t have otherwise. As well as a few treats, we hope to give them something that will last long after Christmas, which is why the book parcels from BookTrust are so special.  

For the last two years, BookTrust has sent book parcels for all the children who visit our Santa’s Grotto. Everybody loves them – they are so beautiful! Our families simply don’t have the pennies to buy books like that.   

I love seeing children’s faces when they’re given their books. You can’t beat it. It’s just a joy. I remember one little boy. He was three years old and holding the book tight to his belly. He wouldn't let it go.  

Most of the families we support won’t have decent books at home. If they have any at all, it’s likely they’re secondhand. And, although any book is lovely, for me, it’s extra special to be able to give children a brand new book to call their own. The quality of the book parcels is so important too. These children really deserve it. It shows them that they're no different to anybody else, even if their family doesn't have a lot of money.  

Help more children discover the joy of books this Christmas 

I think reading is so important. To be able to read a story and completely lose yourself is wonderful. And for parents and grandparents to spend time reading with children, it’s such a beautiful, shared experience for families.  

don't think people realise the impact these book parcels can have. The happiness the books bring to the kids’ faces is amazing to see. But it’s more than that. By donating to BookTrustyou’re investing in children – and children who really need it. Thank you.

Please donate today to help more children discover a joy of books that could last a lifetime. 

Thank you for helping children discover the magic of books

This Christmas we delivered 17,000 festive book parcels, reaching more children than ever before.

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