Meet our new Writer in Residence SF Said!

Published on: 06 March 2023

We are delighted that author SF Said is our new BookTrust Writer in Residence. For the next six months, he’s going to be talking about a subject that is very close to his heart: that every child can be a reader. In this video he explains this theme, and why it resonates with him.

SF Said believes that every single child, whoever they are, whatever their interests, whatever their background might be, can be a reader and gain all the lifelong, life-changing benefits of reading for pleasure and literacy.

The research is really clear on this point: reading for pleasure has the biggest positive impact of any factor on children’s life chances. It counts for more than test scores and exam results. It counts for more than socioeconomic background. Reading for pleasure is probably the single most important thing that we can help kids to do.

As a children’s author, SF has been visiting schools and libraries for 20 years and he has seen again and again some amazing teachers and librarians helping children to become readers.

During his tenure he will talk to a lot of brilliant teachers and librarians, getting their top tips on how we help every single child become a reader. He will create booklists of recommendation of books that we have seen turn kids into readers. He will record some videos. There’s going to be an exciting competition. Watch out for lots of brilliant Writer in Residence content.

Meet our latest Writer in Residence

Every six months, BookTrust appoints a new Writer in Residence to write blogs, run competitions and give us their own unique perspective on the world of children's books. Our current Writer in Residence is Rashmi Sirdeshpande.

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