Myths and stories behind trees from all over the world

Published on: 05 June 2018 Author: Sophie Offord

Discover yet more reasons to love and care for our beautiful planet in this new picture book that highlights the importance of trees for different cultures, past and present.

Perfect for summer, Under the Canopy: Trees Around the World (Nobrow Press) is a celebration of all things woody and green-leaved. 

Written by Iris Volant and illustrated by Cynthia Alonso, it's not so much a tree identification book as a collection of legends and useful facts surrounding trees. The trees themselves range from the ones we know so well in the UK (oak, hawthorn) to the trees cherished in other countries, too. 

Have a sneak preview below at some of the trees featured in the book. How many do you know – and do you have your own family favourites and tales?

The yew tree: an ancient symbol of knowledge and wisdom

The olive tree: the evergreen tree of Athens

The apple tree: a tree that caused a famous physics discovery

The hawthorn tree: the meeting place of fairies

The banyan tree: a tree that makes wishes come true

Discover more trees in Under the Canopy, for children aged 5 to 10. 

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