Want less festive cheer and more festive fear? Meet Christmas Dinner of Souls

Published on: 15 December 2017 Author: Catriona Wightman

Are you already starting to get a bit tired of Christmas cheer? Has all this joy been getting to you? Then we're here with the perfect antidote - Ross Montgomery's brilliantly gruesome and gory new book Christmas Dinner of Souls.

Christmas Dinner of Souls

There's something about Christmas that lends itself well to creepy stories, and Ross has excelled himself with this wickedly entertaining title.

We meet Lewis, a naughty boy whose punishment is to serve at a dinner party - for a secret club of grumpy folk who despise things like children, happiness and, yes, Christmas.

Before long, they're all sharing the most terrible stories they know, so settle in for a riot of grisly, gory, ghoulish tales.

And if you just can't wait to enjoy a Christmas dinner with a difference, fear not - because we've got our hands on the 'Black Dog' chapter of the book.

It's a satisfyingly spine-chilling tale involving a terrifying family, an isolated island and a big huge castle. What could be better? Just click on the link below to download it as a PDF...

Read 'Black Dog' from Christmas Dinner of Souls (PDF)

If that still isn't quite enough, we've got even better news - you can watch Ross Montgomery himself reading an extract from 'Black Dog'! Enjoy... if you dare:

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Christmas Dinner of Souls

Author: Ross Montgomery Illustrator: David Litchfield

Although it has an overarching narrative, Christmas Dinner of Souls is also a collection of hair-raising and spine-tingling short stories. Some of these are deliciously, deliriously ghoulish, and if your child is the sort that hungers for chills and thrills, they will lap this up.

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