Bookstart Corner

Bookstart Corner is a free, targeted programme allowing settings to offer support for families so that they can read together with their children with confidence. Find out more about the programme and hear from early years practitioners about its impact.

If you would like to get involved in Bookstart Corner in the future, and you aren't already receiving emails from us, please contact and we'll make sure you're on the mailing list.

Already involved? Please use the direct link sent to you by BookTrust to access information on the resources you will receive, session ideas, key messaging and more. You can also take the Bookstart Corner training quiz.

If you have any queries, please email us at and we'll be happy to help. 

How Bookstart Corner makes a difference

What is Bookstart Corner?

Find out more about how the Bookstart Corner programme works, the fantastic free resources on offer and how it can help you support families with children aged 12-30 months.

The benefits of Bookstart Corner

How Bookstart Corner can help boost parent and carer confidence around shared reading, increase family interaction, extend children's interest in books and engage families with library services.

'Bookstart Corner is making the difference'

Bookstart Corner Champion Jessica Lanham talks about using the programme to promote book-sharing to families needing more support, and why she would recommend Bookstart Corner.

More about Bookstart packs and gifting

Bookstart Baby pack

All families with babies aged 0-12 months are eligible to receive a free Bookstart Baby pack. These are usually gifted by health visitors.

Bookstart Treasure pack

The Bookstart Treasure envelope is gifted to all children when they are 3-4 years old by their nursery, children's centre or other early years setting.

Additional needs packs

Bookstart is for every child, so families or carers of children age 0-5 are entitled to our additional needs packs alongside the two standard Bookstart packs.