Reading tips

Reading books with children is a great way to spend family time. Research shows that exploring books can have lots of benefits for kids, and it's also just fantastic family fun.

But we know that not everyone feels comfortable about reading aloud or sharing stories, which is why we've put together some helpful hints for parents and carers.

Here you'll find advice about reading as a family, including video examples of enjoying books with children and a guide to what makes a good storyteller. You can also find top tips for engaging reluctant readers and encouraging older children to read.

Discover our reading tips and advice

Reading with your child

Get tips and advice on reading books with children and babies.

Examples of how to read with your child

Watch our videos for examples of the best ways to read with your children.

Encouraging older children to read

Read our tips and tricks aimed at encouraging older children to keep reading books for pleasure.

Tips for carers and foster families

Reading tips and useful resources for carers and foster families

Download our reading guides

Reading with your child: 0-12 months

Download the booklet

Babies love looking at pictures and hearing your voice as you read to them. Check out our brilliant guide to sharing books with children aged 0-12 months, available in 20 languages.

Reading with your child: 3-4 years

Download the booklet

Just ten minutes shared reading a day can help your child grow into a happy, confident learner. Find out more with our guide to reading with children aged 3-4 years, available in 20 languages.

Reading with your child: 4-6 years

Download the booklet

Sharing books and stories can help children understand the world around them and develop key social and emotional skills. This handy booklet is available to download in 28 languages.

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