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Historical fiction

Code Name Verity

Older children and teenagers will enjoy these compelling stories set in times past - from exciting adventures to thought-provoking tales of troubled times. 

With a range of periods, locations and themes there is something here for everyone.

Find more historical fiction for older children and teenagers.

  • The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

    Author: John Boyne
    Publisher: Random House

    Bruno is exploring his new home at 'Out-With' when he meets Shmuel, who lives on the other side of a fence which surrounds a large camp in the grounds.

  • The Red Necklace

    Author: Sally Gardner
    Publisher: Orion Children's Books

    Gardner skilfully sets the scene, in which extra-sensory abilities can be turned to many uses, and where good and evil, identity and destiny are not as clear cut as we might think.

  • Chains

    Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    A brilliantly told, exciting story, with a brave and dignified heroine, which reveals the complexities of this chapter of American history.

  • Revolver

    Author: Marcus Sedgwick
    Publisher: Orion Children's Books

    'They say dead men tell no tales, but they're wrong. Even the dead tell stories.'

  • The Kite Rider

    Author: Geraldine McCaughrean
    Publisher: Oxford University Press

    Haoyou feels powerless when the man responsible for his father's death demands to marry his mother. Determined to support her himself, the young boy joins a travelling circus.

  • Bracelet of Bones

    Author: Kevin Crossley-Holland
    Publisher: Quercus

    Solveig is a fourteen-year-old Norwegian who, in 1036, follows her father to Constantinople, where he is a member of the Viking guard.

  • Life: An Exploded Diagram

    Author: Mal Peet
    Publisher: Walker Books Ltd

    In this intelligent young adult novel, Clem's coming-of-age story of first love and burgeoning sexuality is woven around a tense account of the mounting Cuban Missile Crisis

  • Prisoner of the Inquisition

    Author: Theresa Breslin
    Publisher: Corgi Children's

    Zarita, only daughter of the town magistrate, lives a life of wealth and privilege

  • VIII

    Author: H M Castor
    Publisher: Templar Publishing

    This outstanding young adult novel tells the story of Henry VIII, from his earliest days as precocious young Prince Hal, right up until his death

  • Velvet

    Author: Mary Hooper
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    This novel engagingly depicts the Victorian fascination with spiritualism and also paints a vivid picture of  life for a working class girl in this era

  • Code Name Verity

    Author: Elizabeth Wein
    Publisher: Electric Monkey

    Two young women become unlikely best friends during WWII, until one is captured by the Gestapo...

  • A World Between Us

    Author: Lydia Syson
    Publisher: Hot Key Books

    Spirited young nurse Felix shakes off her restrictive family to follow her heart and her political convictions to Spain to support the Republican cause in the Spanish Civil War.

  • The Quietness

    Author: Alison Rattle
    Publisher: Hot Key Books

    Growing up in Victorian London, Queenie and Ellen lead very different lives, but they find themselves drawn together in dark and dangerous circumstances.

  • Wild Boy

    Author: Rob Lloyd Jones
    Publisher: Walker Books

    In 1840s London, Wild Boy leads a miserable life in a travelling freak show. Treated as a monster and excluded from society, he develops an unusual talent for observation.

  • The Jade Boy

    Author: Cate Cain
    Publisher: Templar

    What is Count Cazalon's sinister plan - and can Jem and his friends stop him?

  • Sawbones

    Author: Catherine Johnson
    Publisher: Walker Books

    In 18th century London, 16-year-old Ezra is working as apprentice to a highly respected surgeon, William McAdam.