The Jade Boy

Publisher: Templar

Eleven-year-old Jem Green is a kitchen boy in the London household of a powerful duke, who spends most of his time doing unpleasant jobs and being shouted at by the other servants. But when the peculiar Count Cazalon arrives to see the Duke, Jem's humdrum life is dramatically disrupted.

The Count has a sinister plan, and he needs Jem to play a part in it. Befriending the Count's mistreated young ward, apprentice sorceress Ann, as well as the Count's servant Ptolemy, who has magical powers of his own, Jem begins to uncover a whole new world of strange and powerful magic - and terrible danger. Jem determines to find out why he is so important to Cazalon, but as the Count's plan starts to unfold, the three children soon realise that it's down to them to stop the devastation he plans to wreak upon the city of London.

Set during the reign of Charles II, in the run up ot the Great Fire of London, this lively adventure is rich with historical detail and atmosphere. With a brilliantly scary villain in Count Cazalon, a appealing group of young heroes and enough gruesome moments to please fans of horror, it will keep readers gripped until its final exciting revelations. Skilfully combining elements of a classic children's adventure story with history, magic and mystery, The Jade Boy is an entertaining and engaging read.

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