Zoom: Ocean Adventure

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Publisher: What on Earth Books

Noah is going on a big ocean adventure: in his wetsuit, he swims through a coral reef past parrot fish and a manta ray. He spots a pod of dolphins and swims over to play, but a scary shark appears! Noah decides to get into his submarine and go into the deeper levels of the ocean where he finds giant oarfish and gulper eels – even deeper, sea spiders and vampire squid glow in the inky water.

There’s even more adventure to be had when Noah discovers buried treasure, an iceberg and all manner of other wildlife, and even a humpback whale that carries the submarine home, just in time for tea.

This detailed board book has multiple cut-outs and lots of animals to name in a simple ocean adventure story. It’s really more of a nonfiction book, as Noah navigates different ocean zones and we see the different wildlife that exists in coral reefs, grassy zones and the deep ocean realm. There are a lot of pages for a board book, and a lot of unusual animal names, so this one would best suit 2-4 year olds.

It’s also nice to see a black boy having an ocean adventure in a board book, as representation of BAME children is still rare in books for the under 3s.

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