Creature Features: Oceans

Publisher: Big Picture Press

In our oceans there are so many thousands of creatures, many with amazing features – creatures like the yellow spotted stingray and the armed nylon shrimp that glow in the dark or the calico box crab and the Queen Conch who have stupendous shells. Or what about the spotty ocean creatures like the beautiful whale shark or the spotted eagle ray?

Organised into eleven double page spreads of creatures with enormous eyes, snazzy spikes, black and white markings, fantastic fins and many more, this large board book is the perfect introduction to ocean wildlife for young readers. The focus is on Durley’s terrific, bright illustration with a few interesting facts per section to pique young readers’ curiosity. The Creature Features series comes highly recommended for Reception and Year 1 aged children who are learning about animals and nature and want something bright, pretty and clear to look at. The thin board pages also add to the book’s durability and easiness to read.

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