Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Scott Westerfeld has collaborated with Australian writers Margo Lanagan and Deborah Biancotti for his latest story. This YA supergroup has reimagined the superhero genre with a fresh twist and what is probably a realistic approach, if such a thing is possible in this genre; what if having superpowers sort of sucks?

Told through different character perspectives the book begins with Ethan AKA Scam, who has an internal voice that speaks for him, the trouble is it says exactly what whoever is listening wants to hear, which can get him into some really sticky situations. Embroiled in a heist within the first few pages, the action then swings to Kelsie AKA Mob and then Riley AKA Flicker, who can cast her vision to other people's eyes, but is otherwise blind. There's also Anon, Crash and Nate; their 'glorious leader'. Ethan's voice cost him their friendship once, if he's going to get out of his latest mess he's going to have to find his real voice and make a mends.

Teen dramas, family problems and the burden of being super without being a hero. The self-professed 'zeroes' will relate to every reader born in the year 2000, freaky abilities or not. Westerfeld fans will be delighted at the prospect of a new saga and hopefully it will encourage them to try some of Margo Lanagan's standalone fiction.

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