Bitter Sixteen

Publisher: Salt

Stanly Bird is 15. He lives in a small Welsh town where nothing much really happens, and spends his time discussing the finer points of Casablanca and Buffy the Vampire Slayer with Daryl, his talking beagle.

But when he turns 16, he finds that he can suddenly fly, and move things with his mind. With these new powers, Tref-y-Celwyn starts to feel too small for a superhero, and so Stanly leaves the small town bullies behind for London, where much scarier monsters are waiting to be battled…

Funny, sharp and totally original, Bitter Sixteen is the beginning of a trilogy about a tremendously appealing smart-mouthed Welsh superhero (and his cynical, talking dog sidekick). Half action thriller, half coming-of-age story combined with Mohamed’s encyclopaedic references to Star Wars, superheroes, Buffy, and all manner of film and TV geekery. The wicked sense of humour makes this a brilliant start to a genuinely 'unputdownable' story.

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