Xtinct!: T-Rex Terror

(1 reviews with an average rating of 3 out of 5)

Publisher: Orchard

Jeevan Singh’s biggest problem had been trying to protect a harmless deer from the hunters he saw wandering around the forest. Until the freak accident at his mum’s fossil lab gave him a whole lot more to worry about.

Somehow, a glitch with the reactor has reactivated extinct DNA and the impossible has happened; long-dead creatures have been brought back to life! On the plus side, Jeevan has two new friends: a Neanderthal girl and a dodo. On the down side, a rampant T-Rex is roaming the forest.

But, when the gigantic creature becomes the latest target for the hunters, it’s Jeevan to the rescue.

This introduction to a riotous, science fiction adventure series treats science and prehistory with a huge amount of artistic licence but is very entertaining and accessible.

A greedy businessman who wants to exploit the reanimated creatures for profit lurks on the edges of the story adding an extra dimension and plenty of opportunity for jeopardy and heroism.

Packed with amazing creatures, thrilling action and an underlying message about conservation and respect for the natural world, it will appeal to dinosaur enthusiasts and environmentalists alike.

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