Deg Deinosor Bach / Ten Little Dinosaurs (bilingual)

Publisher: Atebol

Allwch chi RRRRRUO fel deinosor? Allwch chi enwi’r gwahanol batrymau ar bob deinosor? Allwch chi stampio fel diplodocws? Allwch chi gyfri’r deinosoriaid ar bob tudalen? Allwch chi hyrddio fel trichorn?

Mae’r darluniau’n llawn dop o liw a hwyl. Mae’r geiriau’n hynod chwareus yn y Gymraeg a’r Saesneg. Dyma lyfr sy’n rhuthr gwyllt drwy fyd deinosoriaid o safbwynt bod yn fach. Hyfrydwch i ddeinosoriaid mawr a mân.

Can you ROARRRR like a dinosaur? Can you name the different patterns on each dinosaur? Can you stomp like a diplodocus? Can you count the dinosaurs on each page? Can you charge like a triceratops?

The illustrations are chockablock full of colour and fun. The words are super playful in both Welsh and English. This book is a rampage through the world of dinosaurs from the perspective of being little. A delight for every little, and big, dinosaur.

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