Wonders of the Wild

Publisher: The O’Brien Press

Have you ever wondered why spiders don’t stick to their own webs? Do you know why rabbits eat their own poo? And when frogs hibernate at the bottom of a pond for months, why don’t they drown? Find the answers in this engaging and informative nature book, written by a leading wildlife expert from the Republic of Ireland. 

Each page explores a different group of plants or animals, such as marine life which glows in the dark, caterpillars which eat until they burst and ingenious animal-eating plants. There’s even a section on creatures which feed on human blood, including headlice, fleas and bed bugs.  

Enhanced by full-page illustrations, this informative picture book takes readers on a weird and wonderful wildlife adventure. Ideal for inquisitive children who enjoy the outdoors, this fascinating book will encourage them to notice the wonders of nature and develop their sense of curiosity. A captivating wildlife guide which is sure to inspire young people to explore their own local environment. 

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