Who’s Tickling Tilly?

Publisher: Pavilion

Who is tickling Tilly the blue dinosaur? Is the tickler in the forest? Or by the volcano? Perhaps they’re in the swamp or the long grass? As you turn the pages, you meet other, different types of dinosaurs who are busy doing all sorts of things. And when the tickler is finally revealed, it’s a nice surprise for Tilly as well as the reader.

This clever interactive book is a joy to read and the bright, simple illustrations are super-cute and very engaging. You can keep the book small, or you can fold out the pages to an adult’s arm length. Both arms! On the reverse side of the story there is a night-time scene of the dinosaurs that is just as lovely to pore over. Plus, once folded out, the pages are sturdy enough to be propped up in front of a baby or displayed on a shelf.

The added play factor makes this book extra fun to share. Babies and toddlers will love it.

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