Who Rules the Rockpool?

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Crab and Prawn disagree about who rules the rockpool. While Crab boasts that his strength and courage put him on top, Prawn insists that there’s more to survival than just being tough; it’s also crucial to be smart and know when to lie low.  

When a giant wave washes the two friends into a larger pool, Crab challenges many of the marine creatures to a show of strength, determined to prove that he should be in charge. However, none of the animals want to fight him. Instead, they each give him clues about the identity of the rockpool’s ruler: Sea Slug claims that the chief has many limbs; Lobster declares that the boss can move on land and sea; and Starfish reveals that the top creature is a master of camouflage. Convinced that they are describing him, Crab’s unshakable belief in his superiority puts him in grave danger.  

The colourful, cartoon-like illustrations, speech bubbles and plenty of witty one-liners make this busy picture book an entertaining read. The final pages contain a selection of fun facts and a list of colourful critters to find throughout the book and in real rockpools. 

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