Who Fed Zed?

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

Friends Ned, Fred and Ted and the narrator are looking after Fred’s fish, Zed. They’ve been given strict instructions that no-one feeds the fish bread. Fred explains what happened last time his pet fish was fed bread: he got very sick and had to be taken to the vet who made it very clear that bread is most definitely not for fish.

Meanwhile, Fred’s dog, Jed, has fleas and is being quarantined in the shed, so the friends decide to watch Zed the fish instead. But then they notice something terrible has happened to Zed. Did someone feed Zed bread?

This is a darkly comic story which will start a conversation about food intolerances/allergies and the importance of food labelling. With fun rhyming words like 'Bread', 'Zed', 'Jed' and so on, the book will encourage little ones to join in with the reading, predicting the rhyming words.

Zany and vivid illustrations have a vintage, almost comic-book feel, and the characters' 'subtle but funny facial expressions heighten the humorous story.

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