A Duck Called Brian

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Publisher: Scholastic

Brian is a duck. A blue duck. And his favourite things in the world are, in this order, his best friend Gregory, cold milk, and Duck Nuts.

One day, Brian gets off to a very bad start: there are no Duck Nuts or milk for his breakfast. This is a disaster, so Brian tries to find Gregory and tell him all about it.

He doesn’t find Gregory in any of the usual places but he does meet lots of other ducks doing very interesting things: counting ants, inventing an almost certainly crocodile-proof diving suit, trying to break the world record for the largest duck pyramid, and attempting to train a dangerously out-of-control snow leopard. But no Gregory.

Just as he’s about to give up, Brian accidentally falls through a magic door. And everything changes…

Brilliantly funny and quirky with an unexpected hit of very convenient magic, this whimsical picture book has plenty to amuse adults and children alike.

The hilarious, flamboyant illustrations not only have an obvious comedy value but also subtler, witty details that come out after several readings. And as for Gregory, after a while it becomes obvious that he’s been on an adventure all of his own.

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