Who Do You Think You Are?

Publisher: Wide Eyed

This interactive book contains 20 psychological profiling tests for young people to complete, along with information about the thinking on which they are based. The opening chapter discusses what is meant by ‘personality’, explaining that everyone is unique, shaped by a combination of their genes, environment and experiences. Each section explores a different area of interest, such as intelligence or creativity, with related exercises ranging from verbal, numerical and spatial reasoning tests to an empathy assessment. 

The author emphasises that the tests are designed to be fun, so results should not be taken too seriously. However, they may provide interesting insights into the reader’s personality, from preferred methods of communication to unconscious bias. Understanding more about themselves could enable readers to adapt their approach to certain situations, for example, how they choose to study or form friendships.

Interesting and entertaining, this unusual book provides an accessible introduction to psychology and aspects of mental health. The striking design is very appealing, incorporating vibrant illustrations made up of large shapes and bold blocks of colour. At the end is a useful glossary, suggestions for further reading and recommended videos, as well as information about a variety of careers in psychology.

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