Lift-the-flap Strongest, Cleverest, Deadliest...

Publisher: Usborne

Do you know what the toughest living thing on Earth is? (The tiny tardigrade, also known as ‘water bears’) What about what the loudest noise ever recorded is? (The Tunguska meteor explosion) Or the deadliest plant in the world? (That’s the Rosary Pea)

In this lift-the-flap book of record-breaking facts, readers can explore everything from the hottest and coldest things on Earth to the smelliest, loudest, cleverest, fiercest and weirdest! It’s full of bold, colourful graphics and has lots of facts on every page, but without being too busy and overwhelming. The interactive element of lifting the flap to reveal more detail is a fun additional detail.

This is a great book for anyone who loves facts and discovering things. Accessible for less confident readers, there is lots to look at, think about, and to stimulate questions and conversation.

Discover the stickiest animal, the smelliest cheese, the coldest star, or the smartest bird. Which facts will surprise you most? And which will be your favourite?

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