Am I Made of Stardust? Dr Maggie Answers the Big Questions for Young Scientists

Publisher: Buster Books

Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock is a real-life space scientist (you may have seen her on the TV) with a passion for sharing the wonders of space and science. This excellent book presents Dr Maggie’s answers to some brilliant questions asked by children, from “Did a person drive a car on the moon?” to “What do aliens look like?” and “Does it really rain diamonds on Jupiter?”.

Organised into three sections: The Universe, Our Solar System and Humans in Space, readers can dip in and out to answer any specific questions they may have, or browse through as many questions and answers as they like at one time. There’s also a useful glossary of space and science words at the end.

Suitable for upper primary school readers, this is a nicely illustrated book – Dr Maggie appears in the illustrations throughout the book with her robot assistant IQ – with a good level of text to the page, but not too much to put off more reluctant readers. The feel is fun and informative, and it’s a great book for someone just getting started with space science.

Mae Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock yn wyddonydd gofod go iawn ac mae’n frwd dros rannu rhyfeddodau’r gofod a gwyddoniaeth. Mae’r llyfr rhagorol hwn yn cyflwyno atebion Dr Maggie i rai cwestiynau penigamp, o ‘Wnaeth rhywun yrru car ar y lleuad?’ i ‘Sut olwg sydd ar estroniaid?’ ac ‘Ydy hi’n wir bod yna gawodydd diemyntau ar y blaned Iau?’.

Mae’r llyfr wedi’i drefnu’n dair adran – Y Bydysawd, Ein Cyfundrefn yr Haul a Bodau Dynol yn y Gofod – sy’n golygu bod darllenwyr yn gallu picio i mewn i ateb unrhyw gwestiynau penodol sydd ganddyn nhw. Mae yna hefyd eirfa ddefnyddiol o eiriau’r gofod a gwyddoniaeth ar y diwedd.

Llyfr gwych i rywun sy’n eithaf newydd i wyddoniaeth y gofod.

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