White Lies, Black Dare

Publisher: Little Brown Books

Asha's life has taken a decided turn for the worse. Her successful barrister mother has cancer, causing her to lose her job and boyfriend. No longer able to pay bills or look after herself, her mum has moved them from their fancy house and private school in the suburbs back to the small flat in Peckham where she grew up.

Desperate to make friends in her new school, Asha falls in with the popular and beautiful Angel. She agrees to a game of increasingly more dangerous Truth or Dare. But where will it end?

This fantastic story investigates the need to feel accepted and the lengths we go to fit in. It is written from Asha's point of view and flows like her stream of consciousness. This allows the reader to fully understand and empathise with the feisty, confused protagonist who is caught up in a situation out of her control.

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