Where the Wilderness Lives

Publisher: Orion Children's Books

Cara lives on a houseboat called Newt with her Mum, three siblings and a dog called Willow. Her dad used to live with them but now he lives in deepest darkest Wales. One day, as they clear up some of the canal where they live, Cara and her siblings find a safe that they suspect contains something that could change their lives forever - but little do they know how much of an impact it will actually have.

When a fire destroys their home and her mum is hospitalised, Cara finds herself looking after her siblings. Together they must face a foster carer, escape a thief and brave the wilderness; all whilst still looking after the mysterious safe. What will the safe reveal? Will Cara and her siblings survive their wilderness experience, and will their lives return to normal?

This is an adventure-led tale of inner strength and utmost bravery where children practice their survival skills, form friendships, and hope that everything will be alright in the end. With some subtle environment messaging too, this book will leave you dreaming of your next adventure.

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