When the Bees Buzzed Off!

Publisher: Little Tiger

A group of bugs are alarmed when they realise that all the bees have disappeared from their garden. So, a clever worm, brave caterpillar, determined beetle and amusingly gloomy snail set off in search of their missing friends. They journey through vegetable beds, damp leaf litter, across the pond, and past the garden fence into the woodland beyond, until finally they hear a welcome buzz!

With a multitude of flaps to lift on every page, this wonderfully interactive book is bursting with adventure, humour and plenty of bee facts. The gorgeous illustrations present a bugs-eye view of the garden, and are peppered with amusing speech bubbles, giving the creatures bags of personality.

The underlying message of this entertaining minibeast adventure is that bees are vitally important to our ecosystem, as without them, plants would not be pollinated and crops would fail. This fabulous lift-the-flap book subtly encourages everyone to plant lots of bee-friendly flowers and is a fun-filled introduction to conservation for young children.

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